Storage, Packing, and Moving Tips

Helpful packing, storage, and moving recommendations to make your move a cinch

Getting ready to move or to store items at our self-storage facility? Be sure to review our tips on how to prepare, pack, and protect your possessions before you move:

  • Start with a List. Make a list of packing materials needed: boxes, bubble wrap, unprinted paper, tape, marking pens, rope, drop cloths, mattress and furniture cloth covers, etc.
  • Allow Plenty of Time. At least two weeks before your moving day, start packing items you do not use on a daily basis like books, holiday decorations, and excess linens.
  • Pack Boxes Wisely. You don’t want to hurt your back when lifting boxes, so when packing, try to limit each box to a maximum weight of 20 lbs. (17.80 kg.). Fill each box in such a way that nothing is crushed or compressed.
  • Fragile Items. Pack fragile items by wrapping them in bubble wrap or paper, pack them tightly but not forced into a box. Cushion each box with crumpled paper on top, bottom, and between layers. Pack breakables the same way in each box and separate breakables from large, solid, or heavy items.
  • Label Your Boxes. Label and number each box as you seal it to identify which room it belongs to, and mark “Fragile” on all boxes with breakables inside. Make a reference list of boxes as you pack.
  • Size Matters. Use smaller boxes for heavy items and larger boxes for light items. Try to use a box for everything. Odds are if you move things unboxed, they will be dirty or damaged by the time you need them.
  • Protect Against Mildew. Never store anything in sealed plastic, especially in non-air conditioned storage. The humidity will cause mildew which can damage just about anything.
  • Books. Pack books flat to protect their spines.
  • Glass and Mirrors. Wrap pictures, mirrors, and glass tops with cushioned paper or moving blankets and crate.
  • Lamps. Wrap lamp bases in padding. Wrap lamp shades and place in separate boxes.
  • Clothes. Hang clothes loosely in wardrobe boxes. For extra protection, take a square foot of light cheesecloth and fill with cedar chips; tie all four corners together so none of the chips get loose in the box.
  • Beds. Disassemble bed frames and other furniture when possible. Wrap all pieces in cloth covers to protect them.


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